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Hardys Char No.3 Shiraz 750ml

$24.99 each

A range of bold rich reds, aged in charred No.3 oak barrels. Charred barrels impart distinct characteristics and a deep complexity to the wine. The degree of barrel charring increases on a scale from No.1 to No.4 – the highly charred No.3 barrel enhances the roasted coffee and chocolate characters, revealing a subtle toasty flavor and smooth finish.

Sourced from a variety of McLaren Vale vineyards, including Upper Tintara, Blewitt Springs, Maslins Beach, Sellicks foothills and McLaren Flat. The 2018 inaugural release of Char No.3 Shiraz. is bursting with bright and fresh dark berry fruit, it has great depth of flavour and a long and smooth finish

Place of origin

McLaren Vale, Australia

Alcohol by volume


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